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Tokyo:  April 2018 Grand Open
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
-“Master Atsuko’s Therapy” is available in Tokyo on April 9th to 19th in 2020, 10am to 10pm
New York:
30 E 40th Street #501, New York.  
CALL: 1-646-346-6307

Body Massage Menu

Atsuko’s Body Massage Therapy  90min ¥33,000

(First time Trial )  ¥29,000

110 min ¥39,000

Originally from Japan, Atsuko mastered the art of Japanese Shiatsu massage, pressure point therapy and essential oils.  Atsuko’s technique is developed from taking the best of these arts,  and created her own unique style of massage therapy based on  meridian energy lines.  Atsuko has created a therapy that is unique to you.  Using her specific techniques she will help stimulate the healthing of your mind and body.

Atsuko starts with a hands-on assessment of you current mental and physical health. Understanding the roles and stresses in your life she creates a personalized therapy plan taylored only to you. Focusing to your primary needs, the most needed  as well as strengthing the secondary support system in your body that will continue to support your well being.  After your brief assessment by Atsuko you will be assigned one of Atsuko’s Personally trained expert massage therapist.  The therapist continues your treatment, as well as selecting from over 25 different varieties of High level essential oils.

The process of warming your muscles through massage, pressure points, essential oils and with the technique of energy transfer healing from your therapist.  Not only does this help relieve pain but will improve your mood and personal inner energy all while stimulating your immune system and increased blood circulation.


Men’s +¥1,000


Regular Therapist

(First time Trial )  70 min ¥8,000

Meridian Body Aroma Massage Therapy 70 min ¥9,800

45 min ¥7,800
90 min ¥11,800

110 min ¥13,800

Additional Plus
ear candle detox ¥2,500
slimming ¥2,500
Reflexology 20min ¥3,800

Reflexology 40min ¥6,800
Scalpology 20min ¥3,800
Back Treatment 60min ¥29,000
Back Facial 

Men’s +¥1,000


Atsuko’s Facial   ¥33,000

(First time Trial )  ¥29,000

Deep Cleansing → Exfoliation

 → Face & Decolte Massage → Mask

Additional plus

Ultra Sound & Collagen 10 min ¥2,000

For hydration, elasticity

Ultra Sound & Placenta 10 min ¥2,800                           

For Anti aging, anti wrinkle, anti saggy, anti open pores

Ultra Sound & Cavior 10 min ¥2,800

For Aging skin

Extraction & Vacuum 15 min ¥2,000
Ultra Sound & Ampule 10 min ¥2,500

*100% Collagen

Rich Mask & Ultra Sound 10 min ¥2,800
*Vitamin C Whitening

AHA Peeling 10 min ¥3,900

High Frequency (Ultraviolet Rays) 5 min ¥1,200
Hand Massage 15 min ¥3,000
Relexology 20 min ¥3,800


Eyelash Perm  70 min ¥6,000

(First time trial) ¥5,000

(Same day with Facial or Massage) ¥5,000

New York Style
Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki Healing Therapy 60min  ¥33,000

First Time Trial ¥29,000

☆DEEP Healing Therapy 90min ¥39,000

Reiki Healing & Massage Therapy 90min ¥39,000

Tokyo: Nihonbashi-kakigaracho Chuo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN